The home buying process can be overwhelming to say the least. So much goes into it! Unfortunately, a lot of buyers make basic mistakes they don’t realize they’ve made until it’s too late.
We want you to avoid trouble, so we threw together a list of mistakes you can watch out for, then avoid during your home buying experience

1. Not working with a Real Estate Agent:
The biggest mistake people make is not using an agent. Can someone buy a home without an agent? Yes, absolutely! But using one will make the process much easier and can help you avoid most, if not all, of the mistakes we’re putting on this list. We suggest you find an agent that you trust, is knowledgeable in the area you’re looking to buy, and has your very best interest in mind.

2. Not getting pre-approved soon enough:
Getting pre-approved is CRUCIAL before starting your home search. Knowing exactly what you can afford will help you and your real estate agent find homes that actually make sense for you, and will ensure you’re ready to make an offer when you do find your dream home. The last thing anyone wants is a buyer who finds their perfect home but isn’t approved in time to put in an offer. Get pre-approved early and you’ll be much better off.

3. Doing little or no research on the neighborhoods you’re looking in:
Sometimes a neighborhood looks great on the outside but can have hidden issues such as underperforming school districts, higher crime rates and, if you’re from somewhere like snowy Buffalo, knowing whether the neighborhood gets plowed in a timely manner can be big factors after you’ve moved. Find out which neighborhoods, streets and homes best meet your needs by doing your research.

4. Waiving a home inspection:
Having a new home inspected before closing is one of the most important things you must do. It can affect your offer price and help avoid problems down the road. A home may seem perfect, but have issues under the surface such as plumbing, insulation, or electrical issues. Although it can be enticing to submit an offer waiting inspection, having the inspection done before the offer is worth it.

Though not the only errors homebuyers make before they buy, these are the most common ones that people make, time and time again.

At Elevate, we’ll always do everything possible to ensure your home buying process goes smoothly without mistakes that so many have made before.